If you get easily excited by loads of action, team shooting, objective hunting and larger-than-life heroes, Overwatch is definitely the game for you!

Overwatch is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and first saw the light in 2016. The multiplayer matches are being battled by six players. You’ll have to achieve the objectives and take down the other team to claim victory. The game is available for a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and XBox.

The object of the game

One of the first things to understand about Overwatch is that the object of the game is the most important part of it. Remember to keep constant sight of the objectives as Overwatch only have objective modes. Objectives first, chasing after kills, second.

The highly stylized team-based shooter game is set on a near-future Earth. A diverse cast of heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities battle against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

Overwatch characters in a nutshell

One of the things that make Overwatch boosting such a joy to play is the variety of characters that can be chosen to play with. The game is packed with fantastic characters that each has their own unique skills and abilities.

Most of the characters are simple and easy to play with, even if you’ve never played before. However, there are several important tactics that need to be understood to advance in the game. It’s a great idea to study in-depth guides of the characters to be able to make the best choices for the objectives at hand.

Another unique facet of Overwatch is that you can change characters, even mid-game. While other hero-focused games often allow players to choose one champion and stick to them, character selection is not a big deal in Overwatch. Choose your heroes according to the map, portion of the match and your opponents, and change character whenever you need to. A lot of who you should switch to and when, you will learn as you go, but there’s no reason to get attached to a hero for a whole match if switching would benefit both you and the team.

When you do have to choose your character for a match, it’s obviously a good idea to choose a character that has specific skills and abilities that will help you on your quest.

Offence heroes are best at destroying the enemy. They are the guys that do the damage win the battles.

Defence heroes stop the opposite team from advancing. They control the battlefield, interrupt enemy attacks and fortify locations.

Tank heroes lead the charge. They break through fortified positions without much effort or damage.

Support heroes are exactly who they say they are. In order to have a strong team, strong support is necessary to boost healing, vitality and power. The support is vital for the team’s survival.

Your hero characters will battle in diverse locations around the world, so have a look at the map when you plan your battle. Each map has a unique layout and specific win conditions that your team must meet in order to win the match. Whether you are playing the technological marvel of Numbani or the manufacturing powerhouse of Volskaya, be prepared to fight for your life and the lives of your teammates.

Changing heroes during a match is easy, and it’s a good idea to do so as the tactical situation changes during a match. Whenever you need a new hero, just press HOLD and select your character. Just keep in mind that your ultimate ability’s charge level will be reset!

The health of your hero

Keep an eye on the health of your hero as you progress through a match. Your health score represents the amount of damage that your hero can take before they die. Obviously, you would like to remain alive for as long as possible – both for yourself and for the benefit of your team. Don’t worry if you do die in the process. Your character will revive (respawn) shortly after their death but your team will be at a disadvantage while you wait for it to happen.

Health can be recovered by collecting health pack or with the help of certain Support Heroes abilities. Fixed locations of health packs are indicated on each map.

Besides health, heroes can also receive boosts to their survivability in the form of shields and armour which protects them against damage.

info - Overwatch Season 6 – What We Know So Far?

Infographic by: Overwatch.Guide

You won!

The first team that fulfils the map’s victory conditions, win the game and the match is over. The contributions of each of the players will be displayed for all players to see, vote for most valuable players, and give feedback on the match. You can also watch the Play of the Game if you would like to relive the action or improve your game.

Overwatch is a game for teams

If you want to advance in Overwatch, the most important thing to remember is that it’s a game for teams; think of the overwatch world cup and how well they synergize together as teams. Never go into a battle alone if you can avoid it and stay focused on benefiting your team instead of winning individual battles. Remember, the objective of the game is to meet the victory conditions – which can most effectively be achieved by working together as a team.

Collect rewards as you play

What would any game be without some serious rewards? As you progress through the game, you’ll gain levels, unlock new customization options and increase your ranking among the players. Of course, having that prestigious Top 500 icon next to your name is just about priceless.

Customization options will allow you to personalize your characters to look and sound completely unique. Access the Hero Gallery from the main menu to start personalizing your heroes on your way to Overwatch fame!


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