Overwatch characters are colourful, diverse and absolute fun to play with. As you progress through the game you’ll definitely build up a list of favourites – however, don’t throw away those that aren’t on your favourite list! Each player offers unique skills and abilities and your choice of hero can immensely impact your game.

Choosing the top 10 characters is not an easy matter. Personal preferences and your playing style will play a huge roll in choosing which heroes you prefer to play with.

The most successful Overwatch characters are interesting and fun. The more unique, the better. Of course, abilities and enjoyable play style are equally important. This list of top 10 Overwatch characters was compiled, taking into account the hero’s backstory, character concept, abilities, design and skins.

Visuals play an advanced role in how we connect with game characters. The design of a character help players invests themselves in embodying that hero.

Here are our Top 10 Overwatch character choices:

Bastion - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters1) Bastion

The absolute favourite of many Overwatch players isn’t so popular without reason. His kind heart and oddly shaped frame make him a defence hero to be reckoned with. Bastion is a very valuable option when you need to hold down a spot on a map for whatever reason. His ability to self-repair and his Ultimate, which allows for tank transformation, turns this Overwatch Hero into an Overwatch Super Hero.

Doomfist - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters2) Doomfist

Being one of the greatest damage dealers in the game, Doomfist is an excellent choice as an offensive player. His Rocket Punch break through enemy lines without much effort while his uppercut and ground smash abilities are valuable in both offensive and defensive play.

Widowmaker - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters3) Widowmaker

Snipers are an effective way of dealing with powerful defensive characters and clearing lanes during offensive play. Widowmaker, and her rifle, WIdow’s Kiss, can deliver disabling punches to the enemy’s team from afar. She can see through walls, plant mines and grapple-hook her way on to the roof. This is THE character to pick for an overwatch boost because her skillcap is so high that a good player in lower ratings will gain tremendous SR by focusing on getting good stats to push the SR higher.

D.Va  - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters4) D.Va

D.Va is a powerful tank that can easily lay down the pressure against opponents. Her mech suit comes equipped with twin short-range cannons capable of continuous, high-damage fire without the need to reload. She also has a variety of useful offensive abilities that further her impact on the battlefield.

Pharah - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters5) Pharah

Pharah is an offensive hero with a taste for the finer things in life. Flight, rocket launchers, missile salvos, and beautifully detailed armour that has a beak on the helmet are just some of the things that can be associated with this hero. When going on offence, it’s good to have someone with the valour and versatility that Pharah puts on display in every match. Playing with Pharah is fairly easy in season 8, making her an excellent choice for beginner players.

Reinhardt - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters6) Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a 61-year-old adventurer with a huge hammer and even larger armour. Reinhart is an excellent Tank character that actually resembles a real tank. What makes Reinhardt even more special is his Barrier Field. That huge wall of hard light can stop an insane amount of incoming damage, while also allowing your entire team to shoot through. If that wasn’t enough, his ultimate ability, Earthshatter, makes the very ground tremble.

Soldier 76 - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters7) Soldier:76

If you’re new to Overwatch or shooters in general, Soldier: 76 is one of the best offensive characters to start playing with. He sports a well-rounded set of abilities and can handle a variety of situations. This excellent all round player is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced player and can add a competitive edge to any team.

Genji - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters8) Genji

Genji is a powerful offensive character whose hit-and-run tactics demand patience and precision. While he’s difficult to master, he should please any player willing to understand the subtle nuances of his attacks and abilities. Deflect can be used to grant an important Invulnerable effect to Genji that protects him against enemy burst damage. It also reflects incoming damage to the nearest enemy Hero, which makes it a formidable defence tool against fast Basic Attacks and Abilities.

Symmetra - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters9) Symmetra

Symmetra’s handy teleporter and arsenal of turrets mean that she’s capable of easily tipping the odds in your team’s their favour when you need the boost. She can be an incredibly useful support character if played properly. Playing with Symmetra does take a little skill but once you get the hang of utilizing her finesse, she is a very advantageous Hero that can be of great benefit to any team. When you use Symmetra as a hero, just remember that her shield may not be the best in the game – but her other abilities make up for it.

Mercy - Overwatch Characters - Our Ultimate guide to the top 10 Characters10) Mercy

Support Heroes may not be as glamorous as the rest but they really are the backbone of any team. Mercy really is the best of the best when it comes to healing. She is quite literally a guardian angel, there to help support her team in times of need as they dominate matches. While she is quite possibly the least useful offensively, she more than makes up for that with her particular set of skills. All of Mercy’s abilities, with the exception of her firearm, revolve around being there for a teammate. She can lock on and quickly fly to one, provide a constant healing beam, or even grant a damage buff. Her true speciality shines when an ally falls. If someone dies nearby, Mercy’s Ultimate will revive them as well as refill their health completely. If used properly, Mercy can seriously bolster a defensive stance or a necessary push. Being able to bring back an entire team instantly can turn the tide of a fierce battle, destroying even the toughest of enemy defences.

Choosing the best hero for your match can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With this Top 10 Overwatch characters, you needn’t spend too much time selecting the best hero for the job. Utilize each hero’s skills and advantages to benefit your team. All of these characters are interesting and fun, and combining their strengths can build a team of champions.


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